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3 Important Needs Of a Great Leader

Growth Mindset

Focusing on developing a growth-oriented, resilient, and positive mindset that embraces challenges and drives innovation. It involves changing the way leaders perceive obstacles, enhancing their emotional intelligence, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability.


Enhancing interpersonal skills through effective dialogue, active listening, and empathetic engagement. This strategy focuses on improving leaders' ability to connect, influence, and motivate others by mastering the art of communication, including non-verbal cues and public speaking, as well as understanding and utilizing the DISC profiling system for tailored interactions.

Critical thinking

Encouraging creative thinking, problem-solving, and strategic planning to foster a forward-thinking environment. Leaders are guided to break out of conventional patterns, embrace new ideas, and drive change. This involves not just generating novel ideas but also implementing them effectively, ensuring that innovation leads to tangible improvements and competitive advantage.


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Meet Your Master Coach

Join Sesh, a Master Practitioner in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Coaching, and Hypnotherapy, with a Meta 2 Certification and Level 2 eDISC consultancy. With 20 years in the IT industry and the experience of founding three companies, Sesh brings a wealth of practical and transformative knowledge.

Honored with a Gold Medal 🥇 from the former Prime Minister of India, his accolades and extensive experience make him a distinguished guide for your leadership journey in the "Empowering You" program.

Prepare to elevate your skills with a seasoned mentor committed to your success.

  • ​Internationally accredited certifications in NLP Master Practitioner, Timeline Therapy, Coaching, and Hypnotherapy.
  • ​​Diverse Clientele and Transformative Outcomes: Sesh's years of coaching have led to transformative results across a diverse clientele, showcasing the adaptability and depth of his coaching methods.
  • ​Enhanced Leadership and Communication Skills: Engaging with NLP and eDISC, individuals will experience significant enhancements in leadership, emotional intelligence, and communication skills.

What Others Are Saying About Us

Valery Testimonial - All in one Coach "Sesh VS"

"Coach, Consultant and Technologist - All in one"

Amazing support in all aspects of life! Business, psychological, life coaching, technical. all in one. I was looking for a business consultant to have someone to bounce ideas and found Sesh. Sesh is supporting my business development as well as all the other aspects of my life. He has helped me to budget, to make the right business steps, did a psych profile of me. His kind heart and knowledge combined make him absolutely priceless.

- Valery Topaz, Australia

Excellent Trainer Sesh VS

"Excellent Trainer with wisdom"

Seshadri is an excellent trainer who can articulate the subject in the best interest of the participant.

His sessions are easy to follow with practical experiences, wisdom and personable presentations which makes these sessions beneficial for the trainee.Thank you so much for these valuable training, I really enjoyed it and feel more confident in applying the learnings in my work.

- Prashanth, India

Very Knowledgable Sesh VS

"Very knowledgeable and provided excellent advice."

Sesh is very knowledgeable and generous with his time. His listening skills were astute.

He was able to provide us with excellent advice and gave us purposeful feedback. He is a highly skilled mentor.

- Janelle Cameron, Australia

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