Increasing profits by improving performance and strategies can be much easier in "IT Companies" than you think. Micromanagement is one such way to achieve the goal. But it's not bulletproof.

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  • Number of Downloads
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EXACT Strategies to help you grow

OLA Strategies are designed to reduce overwhelm and help you gain strategies which can be implemented right NOW. 

MINDSET behind Micromanagement

Clarity on why we as leaders fall into the soup of micromanagement. This clarity will help you to create a strategy to avoid it at first place.

Build your dream team and grow your business

 Building a dream team will help you to grow your business, scale your business. This book will give you an insight on how to achieve it.

-- Let's reduce overwhelm

Goals Can Be Achieved Stress Free 

Increasing profits by improving performance and strategies can be much easier than you think.

  • Micromanaging Doesn't Necessarily Mean People It Can Even Be Systems, Divisions, and Results.
  • We'll reveal the bulletproof and proven strategies to achieve success and repeat them repeatedly.
  • Nearly All IT Companies Get Into Micromanaging, A Vicious Loop To Improve performance.

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Grow Your Business.

Find out what are the reasons keeping you and your team under the arms of micromanagement.  Micromanagement is crazy, Just decide right now to STOP IT.

Lets say NO

Micromanagement is harmful, it kills employees all the time.

5 Simple Steps 

5 Simple Steps To Achieve A Better Outcome In Shorter Timeframe

- Let's hear customers voice

Priyank Kapasi

CTO of Web Wision

"This eBook was a game-changer for me! The content was incredibly well-organized and easy to follow, making it a pleasure to read.

One highlight was discovering a new law, 4:64, which I hadn't known about before. What sets this eBook apart is its practicality – every step mentioned in the process was actionable, allowing me to implement the knowledge gained effectively.

Sesh, the author, presented his background, experience, and pain points in a brilliant manner while providing effective solutions, with absolutely no unnecessary fluff. I absolutely adored this book and would highly recommend it to others."

Simple Leadership book

It's a simple and most effective leadership book. It has just 5 steps. Each step has actionable tasks which can be implemented without any Fluff.

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